Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Welcome back

Ok, so it's 5 months since I last posted anything. I have no real excuse other than the fact that I have been too busy doing other things. It has been the summer break from university and I have been travelling a lot with work, going on holiday, buying a new house, renovating said new house and moving house. Not a lot really. So there it is I have been too busy to write my blog and whilst I realise that a blog should have regular updates it's not always possible, so there it is.

Anyway we have been back at university for 3 weeks now and my initial flush of enthusiasm at being back has worn off in record time this year. I will be studying family law, equity and trusts, criminology and writing my dissertation, (social media and the workplace). I am already feeling the pressure on my time. We moved into the new house at the weekend and the pressure of the move on top of everything else I was trying to do made me succumb to a nasty little bug on Monday and Tuesday. This meant that I missed my Monday night session. I am worried about falling behind already so have resolved to put in extra effort over the next week to make sure I am properly caught up. I need to get good marks this year to ensure achieving a 2:1 grade and giving myself an outside chance of getting that precious training contract.

I know that my biggest challenge this year will be time management. On that note I am appealing to anyone reading this with some good time management tips to leave a comment. Any tips will be gratefully received.

I have also resolved to keep my blog more up to date and I plan to use it as a diary of my final year as a mature law student. Hopefully it will make interesting reading to me, looking back at the end of this process, if not to anyone else.

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  1. Dylan, in my view Time Management is simple. Be serious about yer studies, let friends and family know you're serious and you get the hours in. Then, when your work is done, be generous with your time. Hopefully this wont be a problem for family or friends. Best wishes, Pete